Genealogy is a Science which investigates our Family’s and ancestors.

My Rare Family Name makes the Search very Easy. You can just enter the Name at  Google and you have some results.

Before 1945 there was a small Village called Loppnow in Pomerania ( after 1945 it was renamed in Lopianow ) It is located near the Town of Greifenberg ( renamed in Gryfice ). 1933 the Village had 213 inhabitants.

Here is a Chart:

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Since my Grandfather from my Fathers Side is originally from Pomerania, it is likely that my Name and the Town are related .

There is Evidence that in the late 19th Century some People with the Name Loppnow moved from Pomerania to the United States. They settled mostly in Wisconsin and Minnesota. No Surprise that there is a Loppnow Sportsbar in Wausau, WI ;-)